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"TEKCAST" - technology of centrifugal casting into teksil mouduls

Zinkové odlitky


  • casting design (prototype and also series product)
  • production of patterns from metal and plastic
  • production of castings from zinc alloy
  • preparation of surface treatment of castings
  • consulting service
The non-traditional technology of centrifugal casting offers higher duality
as regards the strength of materials, accuracy of castings and better
reproduction of casting detail and embossment using non-commercial zinc alloys.

The principle behind the technology is based on casting a pattern cast (eventually
enlarged by surplus additions for shrinkage owing to melting cooling) to the
“TEKSIL” moulding material and its vulcanization.
The advantages of the technology are incomparably lower financial costs for the production of components, which are otherwise produced by casting under pressure into metal moulds or by cutting operations, requiring much more time and labour. The path from the pattern to the casting takes several hours.
The pattern, its appropriate design and surface quality is a prerequisite for achieving the maximum lifetime of the moulds and the required quality of the castings. It is possible to make the pattern by cutting operation and polishing its surface (for machine-technological and constructional castings, preferably from aluminium or brass alloys, but also from steel), or by cutting operation on a milling plotter using a computer graphics  program (for decorative casting with embossment using special plastic), or it is possible to use an original part from the appropriate material as the pattern, if the technological conditions of the production allow it.
The mould of TEKSIL rubber (silicone-based) enables the production of castings in the appropriate accuracy, strength, quality of detail and surface, with a relatively long-lasting, but limited lifetime. The maximum sizes and weights of castings are due to the size of the vulcanizer and frames for the production of moulds (100 x 200 mm, height up to 65 mm, weight up to 1.5 kg). The limited lifetime of the mould is due to the complicated casting shape, its size, the removable cavity of the mould and the related influences of the technological process (10 - 200 casting cycles = 10 - 4,000 pcs of castings/1 mould).

The casting, made from a commercial zinc alloy, Z 430 (ZnAl4Cu3 - CZN 42 3562), as standard, is dimensionally accurate in the appropriate way, surface-clean and high quality. Mechanical characteristics - tensile stress resistance Rm - 215 MPa, tensibility A5 - 0.5 to 2%, lowest Brinell hardness - 90 HB, yield limit Rp - inf. 170 to 200 MPa, specific weight - 6.9 g/mm2. It is possible to realize non-demountable connection of the casting with a component from another metal - e.g. splash with brass bush, screw, pin, small axis from steel, etc. Castings are finished by machine (eventually by hand) after casting and cooling - intake, divisional plane (event. defects in details). The finishing process of the casting surface involves the technology of vibratory rehashing of the casting in technological machinery with a filling of ceramic corpuscles, water and detergent.
Surface treatment (if the casting needs it) is carried out either by electro-galvanizing of the casting using the mass method (drum-type), or piece method (suspension), in a wide range of design possibilities, or e.g., electro-static coating of powder paint with subsequent hardening of the powder layer in the baking kiln, also in a wide range of designs.

Zinkové odlitky

The possibilities of the technology cover the production of castings with the character of machine parts (connecting and assembling parts, technological and machine elements, cases, boxes, body shells, handles, levers, holders, racks, keys, controls, etc.), with a promotional character, advertising, imitation jewellery and gift items (drops, medals, plaquettes, labels, clips, fasteners, statuettes and figurines, etc.). It is possible to attest the function, strength, design and surface quality of prototype series castings in the sphere of prototype production at low cost.
The price of the casting is approximately 300 - 500 CZK/kg. The price per piece for series orders is calculated on the basis of the realization of a testing series and production of a test casting.

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