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"GALATEK" - technology of electrostatic coating of powder paint



This technology is intended for surface coating parts by powder plastic coating with subsequent setting of the arisen layer in a baking kiln. It is available for coating small or medium-sized parts in all kinds of powder paints.

The basic production elements of the technology are:

Advantages of the technology expressed in the ecological sphere – the workplace fulfils all hygiene requirements and technologically represents an operation with the highest level of protection of the environment. Powder paints are a suitable substitute for classic coating compositions and have a whole range of possibilities for use while fulfilling higher standards as regards quality and surface effect and whole design of the painted parts. Some of the powder paints types even fulfil hygiene conditions for contact with drinking water and food, including conditions for the surface coating of kids' toys, public health engineering, etc. Another indisputable advantage is the wide range of powder paints as regards shade, fulfilment and use.

Powder paint (plastic) is supplied in a wide range from domestic and foreign producers on the market. The range of colours and tones (RAL) is completed with special powders - transparent, reflexive, frosted, impressive, fine-grain and also coarse-grained, drafting, matt, glossy, etc. Powder paints are produced in epoxy (interior use), epoxy-polyester (for general use) and polyester (for exterior use) versions depending on use. Powders are more or less resistant to mechanical influences, contact with aggressive environments, corrosion, etc., as regards their mechanical characteristics. Powder paint is actually a homogeneous powder mixture of epoxy and polyester resins, solid hardeners, fillers, additives and pigments.

Preliminary treatment of parts before powder coating is important to achieve a good quality surface layer. The parts must be free of corrosion marks, old paint coats, flakes, sawdust and grease. That’s why it is necessary to produce these parts from quality materials, and observe the conditions for their handling. The quality technological process of grease removal ensures a high quality surface coating. If the parts require it, from the quality surface aspect, it is necessary to clean them mechanically before the process of grease removal -  by shot blasting, sand blasting, abrasion, brushing, foam wiping or by compressed air blasting.

Powder paint coating is carried out either by piece, or in series preparations. Trolleys for the powdered parts are loaded either with individual parts or with series of parts in preparations as well, before being taken to the kiln room furnace. Naturally, if it is possible and it pays off to realize the order by preparations, work productivity and production volume in the time cycle increase, and overspray decreases (powder which does not stick to the painted part, but is caught in the filter system). It has a positive influence on the price of the surface coating.

The price of surface coating is charged either at an overhead rate of 270 CZK/hour + material, or if possible, the price per piece is set on the basis of a test series.


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