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1. Trade name: ALCASIN
2. Producer: KVS EKODIVIZE a.s.
Leskovská 566
793 12 Horní Benešov
Tel. 554 748 050, 554 748 051
Fax: 554 748 052
3. Company standart: RST - 08 - 13 / A


4. Possible applications:

The chemical composition mentioned below makes it possible to utilise this sintered synthetic slag for the creation and treatment of refining slags used in the out-of-furnace processing of steel.

The presence of Al2O3, at a suitable concentration, contributes to increasing the fluidity of slags, which is related to a low melting point, subsequently shows favourably in refining and desulphurisation capabilities of refining slags.

The metallurgical properties of ALCASIN are comparable to LAFARGE-type remelted synthetic slags. An important asset of ALCASIN is the fact that no gaseous compounds that would deteriorate the working environment and the environment, i.e. alkalis, fluorides etc are released when it comes into contact with liquid metal or liquid slag. 

Another asset of ALCASIN is the fact that it does not contain bound water so it is also possible to use such synthetic slag advantageously in the production and out-of-furnace processing of highly demanding steels with respect to which there are stricter requirements for hydrogen contents. This implies that this aluminate slag-forming additive can also be used in steelworks that produce demanding steel brands, whilst not possessing vacuum-treatment equipment. As a result of its good fluidity, it protects the steel level in the casting ladle from secondary oxidation, and absorption of nitrogen and hydrogen.

ALCASIN has minimal contents of easily reducible oxides, especially Fe2O3, MnO, P2O5, Cr2O3, K2O, Na2O, FeO and TiO2, which contributes to improving thermodynamic conditions for steel desulphurisation. 

ALCASIN synthetic slag has a low melting point - to 1,400oC, which is associated with the fact that, in particular, the phase 12 CaO . 7 Al2O3 is formedin production as a result of a favourable chemical composition, especially suitable ratios of CaO and Al2O3.

The summary contents of CaO, MgO and Al2O3 make up more than 90% by weight, which has a positive effect on the lifetime of linings of casting ladles having basic linings, especially in steel processing on a pot furnace. The specific consumption of ALCASIN depends on the requirement for Al2O3 contents in refining slag and move according to requirements of steel quality within the limits 2 – 4 kg.t-1 of steel.


5. Chemical composition:

ComponentPN:RST-08-13/ACurrent contents
Al2O3 40 – 52% 43 – 48%
MgO < 8% 5 – 7%
CaO 33 – 45% 35 – 42%
SiO2 < 6% 3 – 5%
Annealing loss at 850 °C < 0.3% < 0.1%



6. Physical properties:

ALCASIN is produced in the form of pellets with a minimal share of particles of up to 5 mm, which ensures that dustiness is minimised when it is being used and handled in batching.

QuantityPN: RST-08-13/ACurrent valueNote
Colour brown brown  
Specific weight 2250 - 2300 Kg/m3 2300 Kg/m3  
Bulk density 1100 - 1200 Kg/m3 1100 - 1150 Kg/m3  
0 - 3 mm < 5% 2 - 4%  
3 - 15 mm > 90% 90- 95% pellets 
35 - 40 mm < 5% 2 – 4%  
Angle of repose 15°    


7. Packing and transport:

a.    lorries in returnable BIG BAG packages per ca. 1 tonne
b.    lorries in bulk


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