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Products for steel industry

The company KVS EKODIVIZE a.s. has been established with the strategic intention to realize technologies for recycling of industry waste produced by production factories especially in the branch of iron metallurgy and colour metallurgy. The strategy of recycling of aluminium dross dust fraction has been successfully developed within the scope of it. The processing capacity is 3500 tons of this hazardous waste per year. The above-mentioned method is wasteless.

Semi-finished products from this hydrometallurgy technology are inert technical aluminium oxide, metal grade fraction with variable metal aluminium content and mixed soil on the basis of NaCl and KCl. All these semi-finished products are subsequently used together with a wide spectrum of other bought raw materials for production of products, which we have developed in co-operation with our customers.

We produce steel slag diluents based on aluminium oxide and calcite lime in the form of pellets sized from 5 to 30 mm, under the trademark ALCATEN.

The second product are deoxidation and deactivation metallurgical additions based on metal aluminium and aluminium oxide, which are supplied in the form of 80 mm sized briquettes under the trademark RECAL.

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